four days to go


All packed for South America.


4 thoughts on “four days to go

  1. Niek says:

    Just curious, what are your plans for the southern Americas? You’re packed light just I quess it’s a leisure trip?

    • ifeellikealittlekidwheniride says:

      I wish i could travel that light but realistically I think i’ll need a second bag too.

      Am mountain biking in Quito & Bolivia and travelling around S/A for 4 months.

      Happy riding

      • Niek says:

        Wow, that’s some serious training for your trips through Europe!

        Maybe we can hook up sometime if you’re planning to stop by in Rotterdam, Holland.

        Enjoy your trip. Happy trails!

      • ifeellikealittlekidwheniride says:

        That would be great. I’m assuming Rotterdam will be super busy for the start of the Tour next year but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to visit after the Giro starts in Amsterdam. Would love to hook up a ride – will stay in touch. Cheers

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