upcoming ride: via francigena, italy

1 month down. 7 to go.

Whilst recapping on the past month of riding in South America I´ve been thinking about the different cyclists who i´ve met and some of their stories that drew my attention.

Here is one such story.

Whilst in Bariloche, Argentina I bumped into 2 Americans from Colorado who told me about a ride in Europe that is an absolute must. The route was called, `La Via Francigena´. An ancient pilgram road from Canterbury to Rome, La Via Francigena passes through England, France, Switzerland and Italy.

Here is a  summary of their trip.

For those interested in joining, after following the Giro in May I´m now planning to follow the route along the  Mediterranean coast & the Crete hills of Tuscany from Sarzana to Roma, Italy.


3 thoughts on “upcoming ride: via francigena, italy

  1. Sil says:

    Visit http://www.pilgrimstorome.org.uk/ for info on guide books, accommodation etc.

  2. Hannah says:

    I am not a strong rider but if you don t mind a slow cat, I would love to ride for a few days with you in Italy. I am thinking of buying a bke and then selling it when I leave Corsica..

    • ifeellikealittlekidwheniride says:

      I would love to ride together in Italy. We could ride along the wineries in Tuscany and the water along the mediterranean coast…

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