mont ventoux, france



20 thoughts on “mont ventoux, france

  1. well done mate ! welcome to the club ! 🙂

  2. Ventoux | says:

    […] På en track bike! Da er det bare å bite tenna sammen. les mer HER […]

  3. Bibbly says:

    Fantastic mate!!!

  4. Gatim says:

    Wow, congratulations 🙂
    It so funny you did it in my birthday 🙂
    any way wow..

  5. cuoco says:

    you are crazy!!!
    we are waiting for you on “madonna del ghisallo” in italy……
    we can ride up togethar if you want!

  6. Mick – I’m speechless – Mont Ventoux on a fixie? Chapeaux baby!

  7. […] ifeellikealittlekid Posted in: road ← The American Dreamer Be the first to start a conversation […]

  8. […] including a impossibly grueling climb of Mont Ventoux to 1,912m on a fixed gear bike. Included in the post are some super sweet photographs, and there’s also a video which (apart from the at times […]

  9. aldi gear no idea says:

    So are you saying you rode from the foot of the mountain (i.e. the whole 22k) in 1:35h? with a bagpack and commuter bike ??????

    If so you are pro material

    the average time pros take is 1:15 i think. The best guy in my club (uk cat 2 racer) did it in 1:30 during the ventoux sportive.

    or did you take breaks in between and that was only the time in motion?

  10. thom says:

    We are in awe, and envious of your cyclotourism… living vicariously through your photos!

    Posted about you here:

    • ifeellikealittlekidwheniride says:

      Thanks for the kind words Thom – much appreciated. Happy riding mate

  11. Sean says:

    Awesome, looking forward to l’alpe d’huez.

  12. Greg says:

    WOW! please tell me more… you live in L.A.? i too ride a fixed gear, and love challenges. i just rode my first century here on my fixed gear. where do you ride? i would like to join you and your group possibly


  13. Greg says:

    how many miles was that? and total elveation gain???! geeez? and what ratio?

  14. […] mit einem Fixedgear so alles anstellen kann, wenn man die Bahn mal verlässt. So lassen sich der Mont Ventoux wie auch die Strecke Stuttgart – Barcelona oder Tokio – Osaka durchaus mit nur einem Gang […]

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